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We PLEDGE to serve every student with Christ-like compassion, respect, and guidance.
We COMMIT to address the needs of students and to assist them in the development of godly character.
We DEDICATE ourselves to mentor and to nurture meaningful relationships, inspiring hope for the future.

  • directors

    Adam and Anna Grundhoefer – Executive Directors

    Adam and Anna love adventure and have a heart for helping teenage boys. They both have a passion to serve and mentor teenagers to empower them to live the life God has planned for them. Adam is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and has been with Teen Challenge for almost 10 years. Adam attended and graduated from Emerging Leaders College and holds a nationally recognized credential as a Child Care Administrator (CCA). Once Adam was a troubled teen himself. After giving his life to God he wanted to do whatever possible to help young men caught in this snare of behavior. Adam states that behavior is an outward expression of an inward problem, and desires for young men to be set free from their bondages. Adam has also served as administrator of the Teen Challenge Lakeside Retreat and Event Center. While at Lakeside, Adam helped facilitate youth events as well as Teen Challenge staff training events. Adam brings enthusiasm and excitement to the staff. Adam’s boldness and sense of confidence in Christ is displayed daily in the way that he relates with both he kids and the staff members. In his free time, Adam enjoys hunting, fishing, reading and spending time with Anna.

    Anna is originally from Montgomery, Alabama and has been with Teen Challenge for almost ten years. She met the Lord at a young age and has strived to serve him ever since. Anna considers herself a lifelong learner and has studied Education and Social Work. She currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Services with a focus on Youth and Family studies. Anna has served Teen Challenge in the areas of education, direct care, Program Assisting, and Training Facilitator. With almost ten years of working with Teen Challenge, Anna gained an in-depth knowledge of the program structure and on the job experience.

    Adam and Anna are happily married and enjoy serving in the will of God by extending hope to hurting families and teens. Their lives were changed completely by the power of God and they fully believe God can still redeem and restore the lives of others.

  • Ralph Fraser – M.A. Counselor

    Ralph grew up in Maine and is a big fan of the Red Sox and the Patriots. He loves to play golf, to be near the ocean and to be anywhere close to the mountains. He is a licensed Dad-joke teller and a rich man where it matters most with the blessings of his wife Sherry and his three children, Alyssa, Ryan and Logan. Ralph served in local church ministry for 25 years as a Youth and Lead Pastor. He has a BA in Youth Ministry from Eastern Nazarene College and a Masters of Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University with a focus in Crisis and Trauma. He loves Jesus, knows what it means to be lost and broken, and has experienced first-hand the rescuing hand of God in his life. He is humbled and honored to be part of the team at TCBA in the mission of helping broken young men and their families find hope and remedy in Christ.

  • boys ranch

    Michael Lindsey Smith, M.T. – Lead Counselor

    Lindsey was born in Columbus, Georgia. In 1983 he went to Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee where he earned a B.S. in Biblical Theology. Following his graduation, he and his wife founded a church where he was senior pastor for thirty years. While there, he earned a Masters in Theology from Beacon University. In 2015 he and his wife moved to Vero Beach, Florida continuing in ministry through missions work in Haiti. In 2018, he joined the team at the Ranch as a counselor. Employing 38 years of ministry experience, 34 years of marriage, raising 3 children to adulthood, and being a devoted Christian for 42 years, Lindsey offers a seasoned and empathetic biblical and pastoral approach to the young men and their families taking advantage of this compassionate opportunity at TCBA Vero Beach.

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    Daniel Love – Teacher

    Daniel has 15 years of experience working with teenagers as a Youth Minister, substitute teacher and a school teacher for elementary and secondary schools. He enjoys working with young men, and desires to see them reach the full potential God has in store for their lives, both academically and spiritually. His desire to create a love for learning is evident in his passion for teaching toward each students individual learning style. He believes that the Lord has orchestrated every season in his life to prepare him for his service here at Treasure Coast Boys Academy.

    Daniel and his wife Rebecca moved to Vero Beach from Jacksonville in July 2018. He has a daughter, Elizabeth, and two sons, Benjamin and Gabriel.

  • Joel Miller, B.S. – Teacher

    Joel is one of our teachers at TCBA and assists the students by tutoring math. Joel earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology at Berea College in 1997 and has been teaching for over 22 years. Prior to coming to TCBA, Joel taught Math, Graphic Design and Video Production for 8 years at Oneida Baptist Institute, and also taught these same subjects for 14 years at ITT Technical Institute prior to that.

    Joel and his wife Stacy have 4 children – Nathaniel, Tyler, Luna and Jose. Their family moved to Florida from Kentucky on the fourth of July of 2020 and have been enjoying Florida life. Joel has been a Christian for 27 years and says he has been amazed at how God has worked in his life and in the lives of his family. When he is not working Joel spends his time studying God’s Word, spending time with his family, playing golf, painting, woodworking and exercise.

  • Tim Erickson

    Tim Erikson D.D.S – Math Tutor

    Tim grew up in northern Minnesota, along the north shore of Lake Superior. He accepted Jesus as his savior at a young age, and has been endeavouring to serve God as a part of the same church body for over 60 years. He went to college in British Columbia, Canada where he met his wife, Karen. After earning an A.S. degree at Trinity Junior College, he went on to earn a B.A. and D.D.S at the University of Minnesota. After two years in the Navy Dental Corps, Subic Bay, Philippines, Tim and Karen moved back to Tim’s home town, where he practiced dentistry for 38 years while Karen was the business manager. He tutored many of his younger patients in math and science. He supported the work of a local Teen Challenge and saw many of the Teen Challenge residents as patients. So, when Tim and Karen retired and moved to Florida, it was a blessing to Tim to find Treasure Coast Boys Academy. At the academy, he tutors math, physics, chemistry and teaches Dave Ramsey’s teen course in Financial Management. Time and Karen have two sons and eight grandchildren. Through the ups and downs of life God provides, and Tim gives him all the glory; God is good, all the time!

  • stacy miller

    Stacy Miller B.A. – Reading / English Tutor

    Stacy is one of our English and History tutors at TBCA. Before moving to Florida in 2020, Stacy and her husband served as High School teachers at a Christian boarding school in Eastern Kentucky for 8 years. Stacy first heard the gospel at the age of 12 and committed her life to love and serve Christ. She enjoys working with children but her true passion is ministering to teens and encouraging youth to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Her time in the classroom has forged a love for young people and she feels blessed to work at TCBA. It has been a privilege to see the academic growth in her students at Teen Challenge.

  • boarding school for troubled boys

    Justin Larson – Program Assistant

    One morning Justin woke to a conversation with his parents telling him that they were separating. It was one of the hardest conversations he has ever been a part of. Justin did not know who to blame so he just got mad at everyone. His anger started to cause him to act out at home and at school. His parents saw Justen heading down a bad path. They decided to reach out to Teen Challenge for help.

    Justin resented his parents in the beginning for their choice. Through the course of the program, Justin’s life was changed. His relationship with his family was restored. As Justin got closer to graduation he decided he wanted to come back and help other kids just like him. He graduated the program, did a year internship, and came back as staff. He works as Direct Care, helping oversee evening schedule and activities.

  • boarding school for troubled boys

    Rev. Nicholas Wagner – Direct Care

    Nicholas is from upstate New York and relocated to the Treasure Coast. He has lived a life pursuing many passions from varsity sports in high school to attending college in pursuit of his childhood dream of being a meteorologist. Like many young people in college, he drifted from the path of pursuing his goals to a life that lacked direction and guidance. It was during this time that he came to know and love the Lord. This is when his true desire was born to see and help students like himself who have lost direction and given themselves over to life controlling issues. He is passionate about helping to provide direction and guidance to young men so that they can achieve their goals and dreams. He’s worked at Treasure Coast Academy for the last two years, is a credentialed minister, and is currently finishing his degree at Indian River State College.

  • Victor Rodriguez – Direct Care

    Victor was born and raised in Central Florida. He grew up in Kissimmee amidst the hustle and bustle of Florida tourism. Trouble was never too far or hard to find. Sports kept him busy in high school and out of the worst of it all. After graduating, life took an interesting turn. Amidst family turmoil and divorces, Victor broke his ankle, derailing his plans for the future. He struggled with depression and anxiety until having an encounter with Jesus that changed him forever. After that, Victor gave his life to working with troubled youth like himself and has been doing so for the last six years. Victor worked with youth at Life for Youth Camp and interned at a local church before coming to work with Treasure Coast Academy. Victor is passionate for change in this generation and believes that it starts with our youth today. He loves to read in his free time and his friends would describe him as passionate and determined.

  • Daniel Killian

    Daniel Kilian – Direct Care

    About 2 years ago, Daniel had no hope for a future and had given up on life. Addiction swallowed his entire life. The last time he visited the doctor a year ago, they told him he wouldn’t see age 26 due to early stages of liver failure and prolonged effects of stage 2 hypertension. His self-destructive lifestyle nearly ended his life. When Daniel was detoxing, he spent 11 days in ICU. In those moments of desperation, he was ready to die and give up.

    God had different plans for Daniel. He gave him another chance at life. To start new. Never go back to the broken man he once was. Daniel may be a sinner saved by grace. But he believes much more than that — He is a new creation.

    Daniel is currently an ISSA Elite Trainer and Fitness Coach at Teen Challenge Treasure Coast Boys Academy in Vero Beach. Daniel also holds certifications as a certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist Coach, and Transformation Specialist.

    Daniels’ own strength and understanding has had him fall short, every time. He is excited to help transform others’ lives, and continue to give back to the ministry that saved his — with God leading every step of the way.

  • Stanley King – Direct Care

    Stanley King is from southeastern Kentucky and grew up in the Appalachian Mountain region. Stanley grew up in a Christian home but spent his teenage years running from God. Rather than try to build a relationship with Christ, Stanley chose to try and succeed on his own. After failing at achieving his dream of enlisting in the Army, Jesus changed his life. When he felt like he was at his lowest point, Stanley asked God to forgive him and help guide him in his life. Ever since then he has answered the call to youth ministry. Christ has given him a servant’s heart and a willingness to help guide future generations towards Christ.

  • boarding school for troubled boys

    Elias Hindi – 6th Generation Cowboy

    Elias Hindi is a seasoned horse trainer who hails from Gunnison Colorado. He has grown up with horses as a 6th generation horse trainer on his father’s side and a 2nd generation horse trainer on his mother’s side. Elias has worked alongside his father breaking and starting young horses since his youngest ages and officially kicked off his career by starting some colts for a family friend at the age of 12. His mother, Deborah Hindi, is a licensed USDF trainer who specializes in performance dressage horses and has helped to refine Elias’ riding skills and broaden his training methods.
    Elias’ training did not stop with his parents. He continued his training under Johnny Leverrett who specializes in starting young horses and rehabilitating troubled horses. Elias then came to Florida with his mother and her competition horses to get away from the cold of Colorado and continue his training. While here in Florida, He assisted Leah Winston, a dressage trainer at Martin Downs Equestrian Center, start her talented Oldenburg colt and continued working with her starting other young horses. He also rode under Christian Schacht who is a world renown dressage trainer and clinician from Germany.

    Elias believes that each horse learns in its own unique way and should be treated as an individual. His goal is to create a working partnership between horse and rider. For this reason he uses a combination of methods from his cutting, reining, working cow horse and dressage backgrounds. He currently specializes in all those areas in addition to offering spook training. He believes that by using multiple methods his horses will be well-rounded, have better work ethic and will excel in their respective jobs. While being able to train horses, he believes that the youth of today have an opportunity to experience the unique relationships that people can have with horses. He also believes horses have the ability to build a therapeutic report with todays youth and help overcome boys behavioral challenges.

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Teen Challenge Endorsers

  • John Ashcroft
    Former Attorney General
    John Ashcroft

    “I have been a long time support of the work Teen Challenge has accomplished and the help they have provided over the years.”

  • Ronald Reagan
    Former President
    Ronald Reagan

    “Teen Challenge is effective; it is literally changing the lives of young Americans from every walk of life. The work and dedication of Teen Challenge deserves the commendation of every citizen.”

  • James Dobson
    Founder Focus on the Family
    Dr. James C. Dobson

    “Organizations like Teen Challenge…have a far better record of dealing with social issues and people in difficulty than do the bureaucrats.”

  • Dan Cathy
    CEO Chick-fil-A
    Dan T. Cathy

    “I truly admire Teen Challenge because of its loving, life-giving ministry to individuals who are bound by life controlling addictions.”

  • George Bush
    President George
    W. Bush

    “Teen Challenge is one of the most successful programs in our country.”

  • John C. Maxwell
    Bestselling Leadership Author
    John C. Maxwell

    “Teen Challenge offers hope and restoration to individuals by exchanging their distorted views on life with God’s perspectives.”

  • Jim Blanchard
    Past Director AT&T
    Jim Blanchard

    “I have not seen a more effective ministry in leading hurting people to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.”

  • Kevin Leman
    Psychologist and Author
    Dr. Kevin Leman

    “I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Teen Challenge…they really make a difference in lives and each of us can be proud that they are part of our community.”

  • John Walters
    Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
    John P. Walters

    “Teen Challenge is doing the job that others only talk about. Teen Challenge is a reputable institution that needs to be highlighted.”