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bipolar disorderHere’s How We See Bipolar Disorder at Treasure Coast Boys Academy:

We at Boys Ranch can help your son as he suffers from Bipolar Disorder, a condition distinguished by periods of abnormally high mood and energy alternating with times of unusually depleted energy level.  His mood swings are like a pendulum, between exhilaration and despair, tending towards the extremes when compared to the typical “ups and downs” which most everybody experiences in life.

While he may experience normal phases sandwiched between, the high phase (clinically referred to as “manic”), might find that he gets easily sidetracked, with elevated self-regard, decreased decision making ability and self-control, racing thoughts, too much talking and too little sleep, and indulging in binge eating, drinking and sex or reckless substance use.

His “depressive” (clinically low) episodes might be evidenced with anxiety, remorse, isolation, irritation, gloom, disturbed sleep, lack of interest in once-enjoyed friends or activities, suicidal thoughts.

Family history and brain chemistry are considered factors, but causes for BPD are not clearly accepted.  Other acknowledged factors include: a blood relative with BPD, drug or alcohol abuse, an excessive amount of a high stress or traumatic situation.

What Treasure Coast Boys Academy Can Do to Help Your Son Who Struggles with Bipolar Disorder

It is vital that he be diagnosed correctly, especially due to the self-threatening nature of many behaviors that often accompany Bipolar Disorder; in some cases, commitment (either voluntary or compulsory) is called for, in order to enable treatment to proceed.  Early treatment is critical (so as not to confuse his symptoms with chronic depression) especially as there is a high suicide rate among teens with Bipolar Disorder.

There are certain medications that can help control BPD symptoms, which should be taken along with therapy from a qualified individual.  Both are necessitated for a lifetime, since it can be illusory to feel that symptoms are no longer evident, causing one to think that his problems might have disappeared and he’s been cured.

Treasure Coast Boys Academy… Giving your At-Risk Son a Fresh Start Toward a Successful Life.

Treasure Coast Boys Academy is a Christian residential boys ranch for troubled boys, where we believe in every boy’s potential, no matter how much trouble he may be causing.

We are not a lockdown facility.  Your son will live in a dorm (to start), then home setting (with house parents), on a ranch in cattle and orchard country, near the Florida coastline.  The Teen Challenge program promotes and cultivates positive peer pressure in this Christ-centered culture, helps our students develop their potential, and gain self-confidence through acknowledgement of their successes.

Treasure Coast Boys Academy provides focused and individualized attention for the boys in its care. Credits are earned in our on-campus school, but education is not our program’s primary focus.  Character, hard work, and respect for others are what we concern ourselves most with. If those attributes are in place, education is more easily accomplished on campus and when the boy returns home.

Therapy is ongoing at Treasure Coast Boys Academy – all day, every day. Individual counseling sessions are not as frequent as the many 10-15 minutes of life coaching that take place during school, chores, or a sporting event. “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man” is a quote we operate by, as we find that a simple horse ride (or day of fishing) with a good mentor can provide the opportunity for a life changing conversation in a young man’s life.

Treasure Coast Boys Academy looks to provide challenging and motivating opportunities to learn trades, care for animals, and gain new experiences outside of the classroom; call us at (772) 978-4164 to see how we can give your “out-of-control teenager” a second chance at attaining a bright future of successful living.

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Teen Challenge Endorsers

  • John Ashcroft
    Former Attorney General
    John Ashcroft

    “I have been a long time support of the work Teen Challenge has accomplished and the help they have provided over the years.”

  • Ronald Reagan
    Former President
    Ronald Reagan

    “Teen Challenge is effective; it is literally changing the lives of young Americans from every walk of life. The work and dedication of Teen Challenge deserves the commendation of every citizen.”

  • James Dobson
    Founder Focus on the Family
    Dr. James C. Dobson

    “Organizations like Teen Challenge…have a far better record of dealing with social issues and people in difficulty than do the bureaucrats.”

  • Dan Cathy
    CEO Chick-fil-A
    Dan T. Cathy

    “I truly admire Teen Challenge because of its loving, life-giving ministry to individuals who are bound by life controlling addictions.”

  • George Bush
    President George
    W. Bush

    “Teen Challenge is one of the most successful programs in our country.”

  • John C. Maxwell
    Bestselling Leadership Author
    John C. Maxwell

    “Teen Challenge offers hope and restoration to individuals by exchanging their distorted views on life with God’s perspectives.”

  • Jim Blanchard
    Past Director AT&T
    Jim Blanchard

    “I have not seen a more effective ministry in leading hurting people to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.”

  • Kevin Leman
    Psychologist and Author
    Dr. Kevin Leman

    “I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Teen Challenge…they really make a difference in lives and each of us can be proud that they are part of our community.”

  • John Walters
    Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
    John P. Walters

    “Teen Challenge is doing the job that others only talk about. Teen Challenge is a reputable institution that needs to be highlighted.”